How to Use Directory

As a member of the public:

you can search the Directory for Organisations, Courses or Learning Events. Searches can be done using a variety of criteria:

For Organisations:

  • Name of Organisation or individual provider
  • Region/Shire or Suburb/Town
  • Postcode
either separately or in combination.

Courses and programs

  • Name of Course if known
  • Keyword (from course name, course descriptors & information, in part or in full)
  • Region/Shire or Suburb/Town
  • Postcode
either separately or in combination.

For Learning Events, a list of pending events is provided.

If you are a Learning Provider:

that is an organisation or adult and community educator / teacher / trainer / tutor / mentor in Queensland, you may enter your own details free of charge by registering online

Once you have registered, you will then be able to Log In, and administer your entries. You can add or remove Courses or organisations, or change their details. If you have a number of Courses, you can use a Bulk Upload service. By providing us with course information in an Excel spreadsheet, we can upload your course information for you. This will save you from entering each course's details manually.

If you are unable to use the on-line register feature, please email

To print information from this Directory, use the 'Printable Page' link at the bottom of the page. For tabulated information, choose landscape layout for best results.

LLCQ aims to keep the directory up-to-date, so please check your entry on a six monthly basis or your record may be removed.

How to add courses... Learn more

As a Learning Provider, you can enter information into the Directory database in a number of ways.

When you first set up your account, you will nominate a username and password which you will need for all future Directory operations.

As soon as your Login is approved, you will be required to identify yourself as a learning provider and supply contact details. You can identify yourself as an individual, or as an organisation.

This is the minimum amount of information required in order for you to have a visible presence in the Directory. Entries in the Directory are flagged as 'Active' or 'Inactive'. Your initial setup will be marked as 'inactive' pending approval by LLCQ. Once your approval is granted you will be marked as active, and your entries will then be visible to public seaches.

The above is the minimum amount of information required, and it simply identifies you or your organisation as educators in some field. However you are strongly encouraged to add courses as well. You can add courses at the time of account setup, or afterwards.

Courses can be added to the directory in the folllowing ways:-

  1. Individually
    1. Log in with your username/password
    2. Navigate to the Course Manager page from the Manage Your Entries page
    3. Select 'Add Course' to open a course entry form and fill in the required details
    4. (you can also choose to modify, delete or change the status of a course from the Course Manager)
  2. Using a Course Editor
    1. The Course Edior can be reached from the Course Manager
    2. It displays all your courses in a table (a bit like an online spreadsheet)
    3. You can add new courses, modify or delete existing courses or mark them as inactive or active
    4. You control what happens by using the control buttons on the left side of the table. Each course occupies a single row, and each row has its own set of control buttons.
    5. An alternative version of the Course Editor can also be reached directly by logging in at
  3. Bulk Uploading Courses in a Spreadsheet
    1. From the 'Course Manager', select 'Upload Courses Spreadsheet' to open an upload page
    2. Upload an Excel spreadsheeeeet containing all you course information
    3. or download a blank spreadsheet which shows the acceptable column values
    4. On receipt of your spreadsheet, we will copy the information to the directory on your behalf
    5. Alternatively, just attach a spreadsheet to an email and send it to