Karen Denham

Karen is currently President and has been a LLCQ Board member for over 10 years. She became involved with the organisation when working in the community sector. A strong believer in community development she is keen to support organisations across the State to respond to the needs of their communities to assist with capacity building and community resilience.
As the QLD State Manager for Good Shepherd Microfinance, Karen sees the impact of lifelong learning daily, especially for those learning through newfound financial literacy and economic inclusion. Karen has a passion for supporting those in the community who are marginalised and disadvantaged particularly through economic exclusion.

Describing herself as a people person, Karen enjoys socialising with friends and family, catching a live stage or music show, eating out and visiting art galleries. When time allows Karen likes to travel and learn about the history, art and culture of new places.

Lou Tod

Lou has been on the Board of LLCQ for almost 20 years and currently holds the position of Treasurer. Lou’s involvement with LLCQ began she was working at the Red Hill Paddington Community Centre as the Community Education Program Coordinator. LLCQ were using the space to hold their meetings and Lou found in LLCQ a shared language and practice around the value of adults getting together in informal environments learning and sharing knowledge and skills.

Currently working as a specialist social worker in counselling and psychotherapy, Lou loves learning and believes her profession is one of those ‘never stop learning’ roles. “Learning is breathing to me. People come alive when learning and through connection with others in safe, loving, kind learning spaces.

Lou likes to spend her down time outdoors and caring for a garden is a favourite way to be there. Walking outside somewhere on a nature holiday is her idea of bliss…minus the back pack.

Selina Utting

Selina is currently Secretary of LLCQ. She has held many roles in the not-for-profit sector and is the Manager of Support Groups Queensland. Selina is a member of the Governance Institute of Australia, with a particular interest in NFP management and health literacy. She values continuous learning and is particularly interested in group facilitation.

Selina likes reading and listening to music and podcasts in her spare time. Her favourite podcast is Lingthusiasm. She also enjoys deep water running and travel.

Jo Allbutt

Jo joined the LLCQ Board in 2021. She is the Program Manager of Online Learning at QUT (Queensland University of Technology).

Jo also teaches yoga in her spare time.