How Does A Group Insurance Scheme Work?

  • Group insurance is where a group of organisations who have something in common other than the purpose of obtaining insurance are able to purchase insurance together.
  • To save administrative costs, there is a Master Policy Holder (LLCQ) who retains the documentation on behalf of the members, and may deal with the members on behalf of the insurer
  • Community based, not for profit organisations are better able to manage risk through a cost effective Group Insurance Scheme.
  • LLCQ has managed a Coverforce scheme since 2001, providing affordable insurance options to a broad range of not for profit organisations. The scheme currently provides insurance for more than 50 organisations across Queensland.

Benefits of Group Insurance

  • Lower cost insurance: LLCQ achieves a lower cost for your organisation by purchasing bulk insurance
  • Insurance designed for your organisation: The covers available are designed for adult education, learning and training programs as well as a range of community activities and services
  • Support adult and community learning: In joining the scheme, your management fee is directed into promoting, advocating and supporting adult and community learning across Queensland. LLCQ does not receive commissions.
  • Easy to use online services: Members can process renewals online quickly and easily via a website.
  • Become part of a network of organisations and individuals with an interest in adult and community education to enhance the profile of adult and community education in Queensland


To join the scheme, your organisation needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Not for profit organisation
  • Separately incorporated entity
  • LLCQ Member (for more info, go to LLCQ’s Membership page)

Types of Cover Available

  • Public / Product Liability ($30,000,000). Special events are also able to be covered
  • Personal Accident Insurance for volunteers and work experience ($100,000 and $250,000 limits available)
  • Association Liability covering Directors & Officers / Professional Indemnity / Employment Practices Liability, employee dishonesty, tutors and contractors (and other extensions) ($2,000,000 or $5,000,000), and
  • Industrial Special Risks Insurance (covers property and contents for fire, theft, etc. Flood is not covered.)

The insurances offered through this scheme have been negotiated to cover the normal insurance needs of most organisations involved with adult education / learning / training programs (including school age tutoring) as well as a range of other community activities and services.

Important Information

  • The common due date for the four policies is the 31st May each year. You can join at any time.
  • The Lifelong Learning Council Queensland Inc. has appointed Coverforce Insurance Broking Pty Ltd (AFSL 302522) to negotiate with insurers for the scheme. LLCQ is not the insurance broker or Insurer. LLCQ does not provide advice about insurance.
  • Coverforce Insurance Broking provides insurance advice, placement of insurance, policy documentation, and claims assistance. Coverforce have dedicated staff that manage the insurance programme on behalf of LLCQ.
  • All policies are placed with authorised Australian insurance companies.
  • Members have access to a seamless online renewal process via a website that makes the whole process easy with reduced paperwork. The website is only available to members of the scheme and is password controlled. With your username and password your documentation is available whenever needed through this website.
  • The membership fee for the Lifelong Learning Council Queensland is $33 per annum for organisations and $30 for individuals.
  • You become a member of a group that has its policy in the name of LLCQ with your organisation listed on that policy as a participating organisation. Certificates of Currency are issued in the name of LLCQ with your organisation specifically named as a participating organisation.
  • In joining this scheme your organisation becomes a supporter of the Lifelong Learning Council Queensland to promote lifelong and life wide learning in the community.

Quotes are issued by Coverforce Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

Helping LLCQ help Adult and Community Education in Queensland

LLCQ is an unfunded organisation. No commission is paid to LLCQ for your participation. The group management fee LLCQ charges provides our resources to promote, advocate and support adult and community learning in Queensland

Coverforce Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

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